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Sustainable Design – Modular Design

Sustainable design sketch


Sustainable Design – Modular Design

At Mitchell Evans, we are excited to embark on a sustainable journey that leverages continued education and important collaboration in an innovative offsite and modular construction system for our new build projects on the Isle of Wight.

By adopting this approach, we aim to minimize the environmental impact associated with traditional construction methods while maximizing efficiency and quality. We are creating relationships with specialist contractors, to bring innovative building strategies to the Isle of Wight.

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to utilize locally sourced materials, reduce waste, and further optimize energy efficiency throughout the entire construction process as well as our thorough design process.

With offsite construction, we can minimize disruption to the island’s natural beauty and heritage, ensuring that our projects seamlessly blend with the surrounding landscape.

We believe that this forward-thinking approach will not only enhance the sustainability of our projects but also contribute to the long-term well-being of the Isle of Wight and its community.

Sustainable design sketch

Being a pioneer in modular design on the Isle of Wight would place us at the forefront of local sustainable construction practices. By embracing modular design, we can encourage sustainability in our community in several ways.

Our pioneering efforts in modular design have the potential to impact the construction industry on the island and contribute significantly to a greener and more sustainable future.